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weird film music designed for media projects

130 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
A Little Bit Better
ID: KF028309
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A driving indie-punk rock track in british style, male vocals. We love Indie! 03:47
Move Your Body
ID: KF028302
Album: Pop Music Vol.1
A programmatic retro track somewhere in between funk and soul, with typical vocals - this is great fun! 03:32
Funky Words
ID: KF028108
Album: Serious Business
Laidback funk track with distinctive bass lines and atmospheric synths 02:21
Glitchy Engine
ID: KF027613
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Suspenseful track with disjointed beats and accentuated strings 02:04
Follow Me
ID: KF027610
Album: Automotive Vol.2
Atmospheric dubstep track with rhythmic strings and diverse sounds 02:00
Little Chunks
ID: KF027605
Album: Automotive Vol.2
A playful and beat-driven electronic track with phat bass synths and diverse instrumentation 01:58
ID: KF027509
Album: Automotive Vol.1
Processed bells and atmospheric synths are combined with dubstep sounds 01:40
ID: KF027507
Album: Automotive Vol.1
Analog and arpeggiated synthesizers underlined by a driving dubstep rhythm are paired with cinematic sounds and rock guitars 01:23
ID: KF027503
Album: Automotive Vol.1
Beat-driven and atmospheric Hip-Hop track enhanced by arpeggiated synths and pads as well as string licks 02:01
King Of The Jungle
ID: KF027301
Album: Ambient and Lounge Vol.1
Beat- and bass-heavy, shuffled chillout track, driven by melodic percussion and spheric world sounds. 02:28
Let The Record Sound
ID: KF027104
Album: Easy And Smooth
This modest lounge track has a vintage flavor to it. Mellow electric guitar lines, hammond organs and acoustic bass accompanied by a somewhat dirty groove. 02:19
Under The Influence
ID: KF026513
Album: Spherical Mood
Atmospherical soundscapes with dissonat stings deliver an thrilling and yet emotional ambience. 02:07
ID: KF026512
Album: Spherical Mood
Atmospherical soundscapes with dissonat stings deliver a thrilling and yet emotional ambience. 02:07
Twisting Spheres
ID: KF026505
Album: Spherical Mood
Dark atmosphere with atonal sweeps and stings. 02:08
Lash Out
ID: KF026504
Album: Spherical Mood
Slightly atonal und percussive ambience. Dark, weird and thrilling. 02:08
Before They Came
ID: KF026503
Album: Spherical Mood
Slightly atonal und threatening ambience. Dark, weird and thrilling. 02:08
Relentless Grip
ID: KF025610
Album: Destructive Trailers
Devastating hits with relentless, furious, ripping wipes and stings. Depicts horrifying entities with tremendous force. 00:28
Final Lockdown
ID: KF025609
Album: Destructive Trailers
Cutting synth and massive, frightening percussion combined with wailing background elements. A claustrophobic dungeon sequence. 00:24
Strange Island
ID: KF025210
Album: Epic Fantasy
dark, fairytale-like orchestral piece with bass-clarinet, alto flute and harp. Very calm and depressing, with a magical touch. 01:41
ID: KF022803
Album: Children's Corner
Easy, playful orchestra. Staccato strings with varied percussion hits 01:06
ID: KF022714
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
A vast and huge rock song with orchestral elements. Grooving drum beats and rocking e-guitars with soft string melodies in the second half. 01:38
Next Stop - Arcade Hell
ID: KF022712
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
The first half is a dark indie rocktrack with hard synths and heavy drum beats. In the second half there a clanking synth melodies and pads. 03:12
Mass Ive
ID: KF022711
Album: Electrified Rock'n'Pop
Aggressive rocktrack with a hard e-guitar, heavy drums and a distorted bass guitar. Accompanied by queer soundeffects, aching synthies and lightly piano. 03:18
Animal Transformation
ID: KF022505
Album: Tension Cinema
The track starts with a cacophonic and menacing orchestral mood and changes to a dark melody played by flute and harp. Mysterious and fairy-tale-like. 01:09
The Frozen Lake
ID: KF022008
Album: Dark Tales
airytale-like and slightly atonal orchestral piece with bass-clarinet, alto flute and harp. Very calm and depressing, with a magical touch. 02:04
Spare Nothing
ID: KF021912
Album: Power Rock
Virtuoso e-guitar track with sonorous synthies. Futuristic and energetic. 02:43
Dark Territory
ID: KF021710
Album: Epic Dimension
A wired guitar under a classical, dark orchestra. 00:57
A.d. 2087
ID: KF021602
Album: Smooth Electro Vol.2
Dark and futuristic sound, like from out of space. A bright bell accompanies the spheric synths. 03:54
Desert Stripclub
ID: KF020810
Album: Surf Vol.2
This is the kind of music you´d expect in a southern strip-club – at least if it´s owned by vampires. 01:06
Eat It
ID: KF020711
Album: Energy Rock Vol.4
Short rock intro with lots of adrenalin and good atmosphere. 00:41
Fish It
ID: KF020707
Album: Energy Rock Vol.4
Energetic, powerful rock track with e-guitar melody and quick rhythm. 00:31
The Slasher
ID: KF020606
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
Creepy, threatening and dissonant track with piano, double bass, low brass and high-pitched strings. Female humming at the end. Off-key and ominous. 00:35
Solomon's Wife
ID: KF020605
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
An ambivalent track: female humming, solo at first, then accompanied by soft, low strings and harp. Interrupted in between by shrill, unpleasant, energetic string and synthie sounds. 00:53
More Or Less
ID: KF020506
Album: Retro Kitch
Playful, jazzy piano music, strongly reminding of the piano bars from the fifties. 02:55
The Dude
ID: KF019620
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
Very dynamic track. Beginns like a goa track, switches to classical house music with vocals and atmospheric synths, in the middle the style changes again and gets harder. 04:11
Ready For Elimination
ID: KF019614
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.2
A sinister electro track in an impelling rhythm with threatening synthies. Modern and unsettling. 02:18
Attack Of The Lizard People
ID: KF019413
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
Wild, tribal and groovy Rythms with strange exotic and ethnic instruments. Like an unknown threat in a foreign jungle. 01:30
Through The Eyes
ID: KF019215
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Atmospheric, dreamy track. Calm strings combined with sporadic dissonant sounds. Heartbeat and breath sounds. 02:07
Be Prepaired
ID: KF019204
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Sinister, gloomy and quiet track with lots of silent interludes. Low, threatening strings, weird electric piano and synthies. 02:48
Nape Breaker
ID: KF018710
Album: Meditation
An easy, dreamy, futuristic music. Synthies and electric piano, acoustic guitar is indicated. 02:27
ID: KF018010
Album: Groove Attack
Electronic sample mix with jazzy influences. 00:46
Assassins Attack
ID: KF017612
Album: European Cinema
Fast orchestral Action-Track with odd Times and strong melodies. 01:37
Words In My Head
ID: KF017503
Album: Epic Rock Vol.2
Aggressive, energetic and threatening rock track. Hectic electric guitars, synthies and beats. 01:12
He's Coming
ID: KF017310
Album: Dark Orchestra Vol.2
Dark and uneasy Orchestral-Horror. Sinister Themes are disturbed by string-Clusters and haunting piano-melodies. 01:45
Case Of Doubt
ID: KF017016
Album: Calm Orchestra
Orchestral film scene of tension and suspense, with an additional piano 02:02
The Mothership
ID: KF017011
Album: Calm Orchestra
This dissonant and unsettling orchestral piece has a wide variety of dynamics. The themes are building up slowly, often disturbed by clusters and silence. 04:18
Vicious Echoes
ID: KF016819
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy orchestra stingers with low strings and scary synthie sounds. Intrusive and sinister. 00:39
Mean Falls
ID: KF016816
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Creepy synthies combined with weird strings, divided into three stingers. Full of suspense and threat. 00:32
Nothing Ahead
ID: KF016810
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Creepy, calm track with three parts. With scary synthies and brass. 00:40
The Tunnel
ID: KF016807
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Sinister horror ambience with disturbing noises and drones. 01:38
Trust Nobody
ID: KF016718
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Dramatic, sinister and energetic string music with quiet piano and insistent drums, bass line and synthies. A gloomy track. 02:40
Full Attention
ID: KF016717
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Thrilling and dramatic music for a secret mission: dramatic strings as lead, combined with drums, synthies and piercing sounds. 02:37
The Wide Lands Of Australia
ID: KF016513
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Energetic piece driven by percussion and didgeridoo. 02:06
Reign The Eternal Woods
ID: KF016404
Album: World Tales Vol.1
Epic, soulful flute music with mystical marimba- and drum sounds. Exotic and aloof. 02:10
Bavarian Fun
ID: KF016313
Album: World Pop
Bavarian folk music with guitar and accordeon, presented in a modern lounge style. Happy and cheerful. 01:39
ID: KF015919
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
Persistent tapping, a tortured bassoon and gloomy strings. A creepy, off-key track. 01:25
ID: KF015918
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
A twitchy tapping of bongos, amongst them recurring scary tones of strings and wind players, finally a quiet guitar. 01:39
Scorched Earth
ID: KF015917
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
Partly aggressive, sinister music with orchestra, electric guitar and vocals, amongst them creepy chimes. 01:00
Black Strings
ID: KF015915
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
A weird, restless piece. Harrassed strings and tapping rhythms. 02:01
Black Trees
ID: KF015911
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
This orchestra track speaks of darkness and direct threatening. With piano oriental elements. 02:01
Mr Quirky
ID: KF015906
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.1
A weird, melancholic piece for strings and accordion. The music of a sad French juggler. 01:27
The Next Step
ID: KF015811
Album: Trance Pop
Electro track, sometimes reminiscent of EBM. Meandering lines of synthies and energetic beat. 02:07
Unfair Chase
ID: KF015515
Album: Sports Rock Vol.2
Electro-rock track with fast rhythm. The electric guitar is energetic and pushing, accompanied by synthies. 02:11
Strange Trip
ID: KF015309
Album: Smooth Electro
Electro beats combined with an atmospheric piano melody. Very spheric. 03:52
ID: KF015219
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Funk/hip hop grooves with orchestra samples, carried by a groovy electric guitar. 02:06
Rough Cuts
ID: KF015217
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Electric guitar track with lots of synthie-elements. A blend of rock and electro. 02:13
Beat Charger
ID: KF015216
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
A futuristic pop track with synthesizer and electric guitar. Weird and energetic. 02:09
ID: KF015205
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Groovy sci-fi track with fast, energetic rhythms and a driving mood. 02:17
Coil Spring
ID: KF015204
Album: Rough Grooves Vol.1
Track with intensive e-bass, bright and effectful synthies and pervading rhythm. 02:09
The Time Is Right
ID: KF014613
Album: Pop Tracks Vol.1
Spheric, synthetic music with electric piano and solo guitar, combined with electro beats. 02:35
Barrel Hater
ID: KF014522
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Synthetic drum music with lots of electro and percussion. Futuristic, energetic music. 01:48
Stoned Tossed Far
ID: KF014517
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Percussion, electro beats and synth-bass mingled into a minimalistic, mechanic track. 02:13
Shoot Down Bar
ID: KF014515
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
A futuristic electro-percussion track, gloomy, effect-laden and enigmatic. 02:35
Wild Chase
ID: KF014511
Album: Percussive Action Vol.1
Synthies and drums create the aggressive dynamic of this track, orchestral percussion round it off. 02:03
Chemical Heat
ID: KF014321
Album: Modern Suspense
Gloomy, restless action track. The tension is curbed with difficulty and releases its power in the middle part in the form of harrassed drum rhythms. 01:23
Tarred Harbor
ID: KF014319
Album: Modern Suspense
Metallic, cold percussions and distant, gloomy synthie sounds within a lonesome, futuristic track. 02:02
Try To Survive
ID: KF014303
Album: Modern Suspense
Low piano sounds, beats and sharp strings create a creepy, threatening and unsettling mood. 02:00
Mediocre Movie
ID: KF013419
Album: High Action
Short electro-rock passage, accompanied by a threatening, metallic roar. Aggressive and disturbing. 00:28
Badge 361
ID: KF013410
Album: High Action
A positive, melodic rock track with energetic electric guitar and e-bass, combined with hard rhythms and electro sounds. 01:54
Fume Monster
ID: KF013409
Album: High Action
Hard rock track with fast, energetic drums and aggressive electric guitar. Accompanied by futuristic synthies. 01:46
Beechcraft Blast
ID: KF013408
Album: High Action
Heavy metal track with sci-fi elements, very aggressive and energetic. The electric guitars are threatening and fast-paced. 01:34
Junction Box
ID: KF013209
Album: Heavy Metal
Hard, aggressive electric guitars and metallic synthies combined within an energetic action track. 02:28
Four Pole
ID: KF013117
Album: Hard Electro
Fast electro track with hard beat and bright accents. Energetic, calls for speed. 02:32
Big Buzz
ID: KF013116
Album: Hard Electro
A weird track full of action with powerful drums, driving electro sound and peaked electric guitar. 01:47
ID: KF013114
Album: Hard Electro
Driving electro beat, off-key and full of action. electric guitar. 02:06
Cruel Sliding
ID: KF013112
Album: Hard Electro
A futuristic action track with metallic synthies and electric guitars. 02:52
Rocking Christmas
ID: KF012911
Album: Funny Tracks
Modern rock version of the Christmas song "Kling Glöckchen, kling". With electric guitars and chimes. 02:02
Get Them Stars
ID: KF012816
Album: Funky Tracks
Cool modern pop sound with synthies, electric guitar and horn section. 02:22
Get da funk
ID: KF012815
Album: Funky Tracks
Funky electro track with vocals, with a slightly mystic note. 02:38
Pure War
ID: KF012318
Album: Epic Rock Vol.1
A threatening, warning sci-fi track with electro elements, electric guitar, strings and brass. 02:09
Front Pressure
ID: KF012103
Album: Energy Rock Vol.1
A spheric elctro rock track with contructive bright synthesizers and aggressive and powerful electric guitars. 02:20
Super Logo
ID: KF011912
Album: Electrified Orchestra
A futuristic track with piano, strings and synthesizers. Very mystic and confusing. 01:51
Don't Be Fancy
ID: KF011904
Album: Electrified Orchestra
Sci-fi action track with hard rhythm and energetic and menacing strings. Exciting and dangerous. 02:06
Ghostly Bossa
ID: KF011821
Album: Easy Listening Vol.1
A bossa nova in a supernatural and spooky mood with a theremin. 02:06
ID: KF011318
Album: Dark Cinema
A futuristic music with quiet and atmospheric sounds. With large percussion and a soft beat in the background. 01:20
ID: KF011305
Album: Dark Cinema
Quiet, spooky strings with some electronic sounds. Atmospheric and mystical. 01:48
Don't Haste
ID: KF011301
Album: Dark Cinema
Soft strings and woodwind instruments accompanied by relaxing synthetic noises. Some piano sounds at the end of the track. 02:18
Get Juiced
ID: KF011210
Album: Dance
Hard and heavy dance track. Oriental elements. 01:58
Sweet As Candy
ID: KF011206
Album: Dance
Fast 90s electro dance track with melodic synthesizers. 02:17
Metallic Groove
ID: KF011008
Album: Club Beats
Non 4 on the floor club beat with freaky synth melody. 01:41
130 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration