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Music and film soundtrack Agents&Spies

Classical agent themes, groovy and driving. Music like to the time when Sean Connery was James Bond.

21 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
The Game
ID: KF010301
Album: Agents&Spies
Short, modern spy film track, orchestra and electronics combined. 01:01
ID: KF010302
Album: Agents&Spies
Multifaceted piece, subdued suspense leading into a fast-paced action sequence. 01:58
ID: KF010303
Album: Agents&Spies
Orchestral spy film track with military snare groove, suspenseful with more positive ending. 01:05
London Eye
ID: KF010304
Album: Agents&Spies
Cool, quiet, tip-toeing spy film theme featuring winds, strings, Rhodes piano and jazzy percussion. 02:00
Agent Theme
ID: KF010305
Album: Agents&Spies
Classic spy film theme with far-east leanings, suspenseful and cool. 01:43
Foreign Office
ID: KF010306
Album: Agents&Spies
Cool, short, spy film track with a nice synthie hook. 00:30
The Louvre
ID: KF010307
Album: Agents&Spies
Welcome to France, Mr. Bond! Spy film track spiced with accordion and flute. 00:42
Jacks Van
ID: KF010308
Album: Agents&Spies
Suspenseful, calm-before-the-storm agent film track with melodic guitar. 02:00
Drained Off
ID: KF010309
Album: Agents&Spies
Sneaky, quiet suspense piece with a slightly dreamy feel. 02:03
In The Docks
ID: KF010310
Album: Agents&Spies
Electronic beats paired with an electric guitar in a suspenseful spy film theme. 02:09
Picture The World
ID: KF010311
Album: Agents&Spies
Accordion and piano in a subdued thriller piece with french leanings. 02:07
Awaiting the Alarm
ID: KF010312
Album: Agents&Spies
Dramatic action piece, brass-heavy orchestra paired with drums and an acoustic guitar in the quieter parts. 02:02
Seven Million
ID: KF010313
Album: Agents&Spies
Big band spy film track with funky guitars and melodic strings. 03:02
Mr Inspector
ID: KF010314
Album: Agents&Spies
Classic big band spy film theme with retro feel. 01:13
ID: KF010315
Album: Agents&Spies
Orchestra and piano in a suspenseful, slightly menacing thriller theme. 02:33
Under Earth
ID: KF010316
Album: Agents&Spies
Quiet, mysterious suspense track. 01:35
ID: KF010317
Album: Agents&Spies
A typical detective or spy music à la James Bond: suspenseful brass, melodic e-guitar and strings. With a calm ending. 00:46
She Was Grand
ID: KF010318
Album: Agents&Spies
A mysterious track with a combination of suspenseful and thoughtful strings against a background of billowing synthies, powerful drums and timpani, energetic brass and piano. 01:56
Clarke's Contact
ID: KF010319
Album: Agents&Spies
Thrilling agent theme with driving strings and a quiet part in the middle. 01:04
Flee Fleet
ID: KF010320
Album: Agents&Spies
Mysterious melody with playful piano and several string sections. Got a smooth ending. 00:54
Lonnie Doubts It
ID: KF010321
Album: Agents&Spies
Funny film music with very playful percussions in the middle. A little spooky with an increasing intensity. 01:05
21 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration