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19 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Vertical Mobility
ID: KF013401
Album: High Action
Rapid, aggressive action track with hard electro beats and brass. With a fast, rushing rhythm. 01:09
Stand Up And Sparkle
ID: KF013402
Album: High Action
Modern, aggressive rock music with a hard electric guitar rhythm and synthies. 01:38
After Death
ID: KF013405
Album: High Action
Hard sci-fi rock with fast electric guitars and very powerful drums, accompanied by electro beats. 01:45
Living Hell
ID: KF013406
Album: High Action
Aggressive, futuristic rock track with hard electric guitars and a fast, restless synthie beat. 01:42
Empty Faces
ID: KF013407
Album: High Action
Hard rock track with aggressive electric guitar, fast and threatening. Accompanied by electro elements and energetic drums. 01:43
Beechcraft Blast
ID: KF013408
Album: High Action
Heavy metal track with sci-fi elements, very aggressive and energetic. The electric guitars are threatening and fast-paced. 01:34
Fume Monster
ID: KF013409
Album: High Action
Hard rock track with fast, energetic drums and aggressive electric guitar. Accompanied by futuristic synthies. 01:46
Badge 361
ID: KF013410
Album: High Action
A positive, melodic rock track with energetic electric guitar and e-bass, combined with hard rhythms and electro sounds. 01:54
Remove Obstacles
ID: KF013411
Album: High Action
A melodic electric guitar track with hard drums and a fast, aggressive rhythm. 02:05
Power Pushed
ID: KF013412
Album: High Action
Modern hard-rock track with aggressive electric guitars and electronic elements. Supplemented by some melodic, sensitive passages. 02:30
Gasoline Thurst
ID: KF013413
Album: High Action
Fast, aggressive action track with rocking electric guitar and fast drums. The middle section is more quiet and melancholic. 02:04
ID: KF013414
Album: High Action
Action-rock trailer in a heated, exciting mood. electric guitar accompanied by electro beats. 02:02
Ice Huncher
ID: KF013415
Album: High Action
Fast rock track with playful, lively electric guitar and hard electro beats. Very energetic and driving. 01:27
Smash Attack Reloaded
ID: KF013416
Album: High Action
Driving, powerful action-rock music with electronic elements. At first, dominating drums and timpani, electric guitar adds on towards the end. 01:43
Heavy Metal Roaring
ID: KF013417
Album: High Action
Resounding electric guitars paired with futuristic electro elements. A modern action track. 02:17
Voltage Thrasher
ID: KF013418
Album: High Action
Fast hard-rock track with aggressive riffs and resounding drums. 02:00
Mediocre Movie
ID: KF013419
Album: High Action
Short electro-rock passage, accompanied by a threatening, metallic roar. Aggressive and disturbing. 00:28
End Theme B
ID: KF013420
Album: High Action
Neat, positive action track with a very fast rhythm. Strings and electric guitar. 01:04
Speed Game
ID: KF013421
Album: High Action
Aggressive electro track with fast rhythm and hard electro sounds. Energetic and impelling. 01:39
19 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration