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15 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
Black India
ID: KF016301
Album: World Pop
Oriental vocals and flutes are swinging with a grooving e-bass and percussoins. 03:11
Cairos Bar
ID: KF016302
Album: World Pop
Busy, oriental music with rattles, flutes and drums. Energetic and exotic, reminiscent of an oriental bazaar. 02:37
Spain Elegancy
ID: KF016303
Album: World Pop
Gentle Spanish guitar music, accompanied by castanets. A dream of sunshine and a fiery love. 01:33
Thoughtful Company
ID: KF016305
Album: World Pop
Laid-back reggae-track, with a hint of melancholy. 01:13
From Mumbai To Kolkata
ID: KF016306
Album: World Pop
Deep marimba sounds and an exotic flute, accompanied by a steady drum rhythm. A mysterious, soothing track. 02:16
Bejing Retros
ID: KF016307
Album: World Pop
Meditative lounge music, asian flutes layered with synthezised sounds and beats - gong inclusive. 01:36
Thai Bigbeat
ID: KF016308
Album: World Pop
Modern, relaxed lounge sound with far-eastern elements and a thrilling beat. 01:38
Setting Sun
ID: KF016309
Album: World Pop
A mediterranean flair. Dreamy and contemplative, a bit melancholic, with guitar, piano and accordeon. 01:52
Bavarian Fun
ID: KF016313
Album: World Pop
Bavarian folk music with guitar and accordeon, presented in a modern lounge style. Happy and cheerful. 01:39
Austrian Folk
ID: KF016314
Album: World Pop
Loungy track with synths, electric piano and cheerful chords. Funny. 01:31
Dreamlike Journey
ID: KF016315
Album: World Pop
Relaxed track with lots of brass and percussion in pop style. With e-piano, synthies and melodic acoustic guitar. Atmospheric and romantic Latin music. 01:44
The Fast Lane
ID: KF016316
Album: World Pop
A Latin-rock track with groovy bass line and rhythmic percussions, combined with piano and energetic guitar. Like driving on the fast lane. 02:45
Feel It In Your Veins
ID: KF016317
Album: World Pop
A Latin-pop track, mixed with big beats, Brasilian percussion rhythms, e-piano, trumpets and bass. Latin brought to the streets. 02:43
Slow Emotion
ID: KF016318
Album: World Pop
Samba homage to a certain guitar legend, on a warm bed of organ and percussion. 01:12
ID: KF016319
Album: World Pop
Balkan beats with dubby basses and and synthesizer. 02:17
15 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration