Production music tracks from Alexander Roeder

Because ANY world is better with music from producer Alexander Roeder

203 Tracks Title     /ID Description Duration
Title Description Duration
ID: KF022302
Album: Gentle And Uplifting
An emotional orchestra plays a piece ideal for dramatic lovestories. 00:57
New Approach
ID: KF021711
Album: Epic Dimension
Suspenseful orchestra track, starts with a suspensful guitar and changes with a drop to a darker and more dramatric mood. Calm again in the end. 01:42
ID: KF021702
Album: Epic Dimension
A rampant orchestra, that interrupts abrupt. 00:59
ID: KF021701
Album: Epic Dimension
Dark and mysterious. A track with a high intensity, like a thief that creeps around his victim. 02:38
Cash Her
ID: KF021206
Album: Electro Club
Rhythmic house track with strings. Positiv and still very atmospheric, driving synths create tension and relaxation at the same time. 01:33
The High And Mighty (RMX)
ID: KF020906
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Menacing choir accompanies a restive dub step beat. The track has a minimal passage in the middle that increases to an energetic finale. Dub-Step version of Invisible Mights (KF018511). 02:53
Clever is the Thief (RMX)
ID: KF020901
Album: Orchestral Dubstep
Dramatic strings and menacing synths with and increasing intensity. The track has a lot of varying rythms and gets more and more dub step like. 02:44
A Dire Soul
ID: KF020607
Album: Uncommon Cinematic Score Vol.2
A disturbing, inscrutable music. Accordion combined with a persistent knocking and a quiet, sombre strings. 01:14
Cuban Soul
ID: KF020511
Album: Retro Kitch
Happy latin sounds from cuba, accompanied by bird-like whisteling on top of a bossanova. 01:10
Smooth It
ID: KF020504
Album: Retro Kitch
Piano and organ accompanied by a classic jazz band. An easy, playful track. 01:35
Dream Away
ID: KF020502
Album: Retro Kitch
Comfortable, thoughtful chanson with oboe and mouth organ as upper voice, accompanied by piano and snare drum. 01:05
Nights Of Uncertainty
ID: KF020117
Album: World Tales Vol.2
An exotic, scary and threatening track with melodic strings, brass and flutes, combined with rhythmic tambourine, harp and castanets. 02:10
Foreign Territory
ID: KF020115
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Suspenseful orchestra track. Hectic, threatening and mysterious, like a danger from foreign areas. 02:07
ID: KF020103
Album: World Tales Vol.2
Threatening, impelling orchestra track, full of action and versatile. For large ensemble. 03:02
Keeping Pace
ID: KF019401
Album: Percussive Action Vol.2
A percussive track, energetic and impulsive. With several elements of electric piano, synthies, electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Fast and exciting. 01:47
To The Enemies
ID: KF019318
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
A scary and futuristic track full of suspense in three parts. With synthies, electric piano and muffled beats. 02:55
High Tension
ID: KF019317
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
An orchestra track full of action consisting of three parts with their specific peculiarities. Altogether hectic, creepy and dramatic. Mainly strings and brass. 02:33
Dead Reckoning
ID: KF019309
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Suspenseful strings combined with heroic brass and theremine. Gentle but threatening. 02:39
A Punished Army
ID: KF019307
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Scary orchestra music with solemn strings and low brass. Gets under your skin. 02:33
Worm Hole
ID: KF019303
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Calm, smouldering and suspenseful orchestra music with brass, piano and strings, combined with synthies. Continuous crescendo and diminuendo. 02:35
Lost In Darkness
ID: KF019302
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.2
Suspenseful, smouldering and calm track with strings, xylophone and creepy synthie sounds. Sinister and grave. 02:36
Freight Collect
ID: KF019213
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Calm, creepy orchestra track with strings, harp and brass. Combined with marimba and uncommon soundscapes. 02:09
Cold Bones
ID: KF019208
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Exotic and threatening film music with didgeridoo, muffled brass, strings ad bongos. Creates an uncomfortable setting. 02:03
Angry Slashes
ID: KF019207
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Threatening film music with low brass, bongos, rushing strings, an energetic male choir voices and threatening roaring. 01:08
ID: KF019206
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Very calm, atmospheric passages with gentle strings, xylophone and high choir voices alternate with scary passages with brass, percussion and threatening strings. 02:37
ID: KF019203
Album: Orchestral Suspense Vol.1
Sonorous spy sound, threatening and mysterious. 03:31
Dark Ethnic
ID: KF019109
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
Big orchestra and choir within an epic, slightly sinister film music with an exotic touch created by a sonorous acoustic guitar. 02:01
Boys Adventure
ID: KF019106
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
A mysterious, lurking music with modern spy-track elements. 01:31
Modesty and Joy
ID: KF019105
Album: Orchestral Landscapes
An enchanted orchestra music with romantic woodwinds, accompanied by harp and quiet strings. 03:01
Just The Beginning
ID: KF019011
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Film music with powerful timpani, pipe and grinding background sounds. Combined with energetic brass, strings and a male choir. 01:59
Approaching Calamity
ID: KF019007
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Sinister, ominous track with xylophone, restless strings and mysterious flute. Combined with an energetic male choir and billowing synthies. 03:14
War March
ID: KF019002
Album: Orchestra of War Vol.2
Combative film music, driving, threatening and energetic. Strings, woodwind players and vivid drums, with didgeridoo. Marching into battle. 01:34
ID: KF018901
Album: Night Scenes&Suspense
Atmospheric ambience track with flute, electric piano, rattles and acoustic guitar. Mysterious and creepy. 03:02
Slow Creatures
ID: KF018814
Album: Native American
Calm, sinister track with xylophone, panpipe and e-harp. 04:04
Secret World
ID: KF018813
Album: Native American
A calm, atmospheric and exotic track. First part with xylophone, panpipe and percussion. Second part more calm, complemented by harp. 04:04
ID: KF018808
Album: Native American
An atmospheric, breathy track with shaky reed pipe, strings and harp. Threatening and mysterious. 01:44
During The Night
ID: KF018807
Album: Native American
A creepy, energetic track. Impelling bongos with an exotic, bewitched flute, lots of percussion and acoustic guitar sounds. 03:02
Oldest Enemy
ID: KF018804
Album: Native American
Energetic, consistent beats, strings, flute and xylophone define this exotic track. Calm, but powerful. 03:01
Shady Settlement
ID: KF018803
Album: Native American
muffled drums combined with strings and gently groovy percussion. With flute and xylophone. Single energetic brass blows. 03:01
In Bondage
ID: KF018802
Album: Native American
An exotic track with percussion, xylophone, flute and strings. Cracking, rattling and scary. 03:01
Aboriginal Rights
ID: KF018801
Album: Native American
Rapid track with lots of percussion, flutes, xylophone and strings. A hectic, excited hustle. 04:04
Their New World
ID: KF018708
Album: Meditation
A groovy, atmospheric track with an exotic percussion intro and melodic xylophone. Relaxed and gentle. 01:59
Invisible Mights
ID: KF018511
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
An intense, sinister orchestra track with energetic electric guitar and strings, bass and brass. Combined with an expressive male choir and a choir of "angels". Like war between heaven and hell. Dub-Step version available: "The High And Mighty (RMX)" (KF020906). 02:57
The Hunt For Flesh
ID: KF018508
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Track full of action with futuristic synthies, impelling strings, an energetic male choir and heroic brass. Forceful electric guitar in parts. 02:38
The Coming
ID: KF018504
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.2
Suspenseful, dramatic track with threatening strings, billowing bass and brass, conjuring up danger. 02:00
Rising Forces
ID: KF018411
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Energetic, very powerful film music with an impulsive orchestra and an ominous choir. Thrilling to the full extent. 01:45
Duel At The Gates
ID: KF018402
Album: Massive Trailer Vol.1
Fast strings and imposing brass combined in a heroic, combative orchestra track. Full of action and highly exciting! 01:00
Editors Life
ID: KF018310
Album: Kids Club
An easy, positive song. Acoustic guitar as lead, accompanied by plucked strings, flute and bongos. 01:50
Sense Of Pleasure
ID: KF018309
Album: Kids Club
A funny, playful track with electric piano and flute accompanied by low tuba tones and xylophone. Lifts the spirits. 01:30
Playing Sea Gulls
ID: KF018308
Album: Kids Club
Soft, dreamy and playful music for kids with flute, piano, electric piano and accordion. Evoking a picture of a happy day at the seaside. 01:32
Young Minds
ID: KF018307
Album: Kids Club
A soft, solemn and cheerful track with xylophone, accordion and bass. Sounding childlike and naive. 01:32
This And That
ID: KF018306
Album: Kids Club
A fleet-footed, soft and cheerful track with xylophone, piano, tuba and percussion. Reminds of a visit in the zoo, with lots of things to be discovered. 01:30
Strip Cartoon
ID: KF018305
Album: Kids Club
A funny, relaxed track with low tuba tones, piano and synthies. Combined with staccato strings and xylophone. Easy and playful. 00:46
The Bear Family
ID: KF018304
Album: Kids Club
An elated, still calm track with xylophone and relaxed bassline, combined with piano and accordion. 00:46
Holiday Connection
ID: KF018303
Album: Kids Club
Happy and easy music for kids with xylophone and electric piano, combined with accordion. Like a colourful play afternoon. 00:46
Old Times
ID: KF018222
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Relaxed, jazzy and cheerful track with easy clarinet and piano playing, combined with a dreamy violin. With the special, romantic crackling of a record player. 00:21
Without You
ID: KF018211
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Short, gentle and emotional piano trailer. 00:06
Quiet Motion
ID: KF018208
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Atmospheric, slow jingle with electric piano and relaxed beats. 00:14
Attention To Detail
ID: KF018207
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Playful, atmospheric jingle with percussions, staccato strings and acoustic guitar. 00:14
ID: KF018205
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Mysterious and positive jingle. Electric piano, piano and synthie sounds create curiosity. 00:13
A Mystery Found
ID: KF018204
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Mysterious jingle, not yet disclosing its secrets. Calm piano with rustling synthies. 00:13
On The Watch
ID: KF018202
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
A clear, slightly sad jingle with piano and synthie sounds. Typical report ending. 00:12
ID: KF018201
Album: IDs&Jingles Vol.2
Extraordinary jingle with percussions, atmospheric sound, acoustic guitar and rhythmic strings. 00:13
Gazing Excitement
ID: KF017901
Album: Grand Themes Vol.2
A beautiful, solemn orchestra track - melodic, mysterious and hopeful. Like a surprise moment, a first glance at something unexpected. 02:09
I Dreamed About You
ID: KF017615
Album: European Cinema
Jazzy, romantic and melancholic track with piano, violin and relaxed drums, flute in addition. 01:10
Way Out
ID: KF017607
Album: European Cinema
Calm piano, clarinet, violin and muffled timpani in a melancholic, mysterious track. 01:01
For A Soul
ID: KF017605
Album: European Cinema
A very relaxed and gentle track with acoustic guitar, piano, clarinet and violin. Contemplative music. 01:33
Cold Steel
ID: KF017513
Album: Epic Rock Vol.2
Intense bass line and electric guitar define this strong, aggressive and pure track. Razor-sharp and clear. 01:38
The Destructor
ID: KF017501
Album: Epic Rock Vol.2
Richly aggressive, roaring rock track with loud, distorted electric guitars, hard drums and sinister electric piano sounds. 01:34
Wooden Suspense
ID: KF017107
Album: World Travels Vol.2
An untamed, aggressive music, sounding like wild animals and djungle. With drums, flutes and human voices. 01:23
Thai Elegancy
ID: KF017101
Album: World Travels Vol.2
Music like from a Japanese Zen garden. Very gentle and thoughtful. Strings, vibraphone, drums and sitar. 01:33
Slow Motion
ID: KF017018
Album: Calm Orchestra
Spooky, exotic track with harp, flute and percussion. Combined with gentle strings and brass, forcing the tension. Nature sounds. 02:41
Vicious Echoes
ID: KF016819
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three creepy orchestra stingers with low strings and scary synthie sounds. Intrusive and sinister. 00:39
Infernal Tones
ID: KF016818
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Three threatening, sinister and calm orchestra stingers with insistent brass and strings. 00:37
Nothing Ahead
ID: KF016810
Album: Ambient&Drones Vol.2
Creepy, calm track with three parts. With scary synthies and brass. 00:40
Before The Close
ID: KF016705
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Muffled synthies full of action combined with calm strings. Brass opens up and increases towards an epic end. 01:11
ID: KF016702
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
An electro track with orchestra elements: billowing, futuristic synthies combined with rhythmic strings. Full of action and thick in sound. 02:30
Killer Cobra
ID: KF016701
Album: Action Grounds Vol.2
Orchestra track full of action with rocking synthies and energetic brass, combined with flute here and there. 02:22
African Band
ID: KF016519
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Melodic and harmonic African acapella-singing with rhythmic bongos and bright xylophone. Cheerful and sentimental. 02:01
Not Very Smart
ID: KF016510
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A dreamy, enchanted french accordion piece, romantic and pleasant. 02:07
Safari Dance
ID: KF016508
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Marimba, pizzicato strings, flute and percussion in a cheerful, african sounding track. 02:31
ID: KF016507
Album: World Travels Vol.1
Medieval sounding track with guitar, accordion and flute, breaks into a fast jig at the end. 00:52
African Sun
ID: KF016501
Album: World Travels Vol.1
A joyful, cheery african tune featuring a mixed choir, marimba, flute and percussion. 02:03
Lands Of Heathen
ID: KF016416
Album: World Tales Vol.1
Dark orchestra piece, oriental flavor, with a dangerous, mysterious atmosphere. 03:02
Forest Jive
ID: KF016403
Album: World Tales Vol.1
An orchestra piece implying the jungle. Mystical and atmospheric, without being menacing. 01:10
Dreamlike Journey
ID: KF016315
Album: World Pop
Relaxed track with lots of brass and percussion in pop style. With e-piano, synthies and melodic acoustic guitar. Atmospheric and romantic Latin music. 01:44
Setting Sun
ID: KF016309
Album: World Pop
A mediterranean flair. Dreamy and contemplative, a bit melancholic, with guitar, piano and accordeon. 01:52
Mystic Highlands
ID: KF016219
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Flutes and stringed instruments join the orchestra in this thoughtful, melancholic piece. 02:15
Soul Of Fire
ID: KF016211
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Expressive orchestra track with eastern sounding. Mysterious and restless. 01:46
Moving Pipes
ID: KF016204
Album: World Adventure Vol.1
Action-packed exotic music. Hard drums and percussion, with ominous orchestra and bagpipes. 01:45
King And Country
ID: KF016108
Album: Vocal Tracks
An imaginative, sensitive song that deals with past times and worlds. Gradually use of strings and guitar. 01:42
The Hour Of Triumph
ID: KF016018
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An epic, grave piece, with light piano music, accompanied by orchestra and percussion. 02:28
Shiny Piece
ID: KF016016
Album: Uplifting&Positive
An enchanted film score . Oboe, flute and trumpet with strings and harp. 01:31
Liquid Sun
ID: KF016015
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Light music with piano, harp and strings in a soft, dreamy atmosphere. 01:49
ID: KF016014
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Film score with piano, harp and strings in a gentrle, dreamy atmosphere. 01:43
ID: KF016013
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Imaginative, epic orchestral piece with an enchanting, fairy-tale ambiance and adventuresomeness. 01:23
Lift Off
ID: KF016012
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Happy endings, living a fantasy. Piano accompanied by chorus and orchestra. 02:05
Good Friends
ID: KF016011
Album: Uplifting&Positive
A romantic film score with much emotions and the desire for adventures. 01:36
Exclusive Nightlife
ID: KF016010
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Film score with piano, strings, flute and chorus. A magical stream of fantasie. 01:36
ID: KF016009
Album: Uplifting&Positive
Energetic, powerful film score. It starts quite but a choir and full orchestra are joining soon after. 01:30
203 Tracks Title/ID Description Duration